ISL Sprachschule - Guarantee letter

ISL Sprachschule Guarantee (Verpflichtungserklärung) – instead of the Blocked account

There is an alternative to having a blocked account to prove that a student can support themselves in Germany. An individual or company resident in Germany can issue a guarantee (Verpflichtungserklärung) for a student for the duration of their courses at ISL.

We offer this to a limited number of students, selected on an individual basis, every year.

ISL Sprachschule will consider issuing a student such a guarantee under the following conditions:

  1. The accommodation at ISL is paid 100% in advance (not just the first 2 months) for the entire length of the course at ISL.
  2. Students cannot leave the ISL accommodation early – or get a refund on this.
  3. A processing fee of EUR 100 is paid (which corresponds to the bank opening fee).
  4. Student still need to pay for their own normal costs of living (food etc. in Germany)

If a student provides such a gurantee (see example on this page), then he/she does not need a blocked account with EUR 10236.

Please be aware that if a student stops the course early or leaves for other reasons then this guarantee letter is then cancelled immediately and the student does not have a valid visa for Germany.

Please advise us if you wish to apply for this. We evaluate each case individually to see if we can do this for a student. Places are limited and we will not be able to give this to every student. The reasons for potentially rejecting a student for this cannot be shared with applicants.

Please note that even if you have a gurantee instead of a blocked account, you are still not allowed to work until you start at university.