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German courses

Start your university career by learning the German language

German courses

Our aim is to help students reach their required level of German as soon as possible. With highly qualified teachers, small intensive classes and interactive teaching methods - we ensure that this happens.

  • Every day students have 6 teaching hours (30 teaching hours per week)
  • Classes take place 5 days per week (Monday till Friday)
  • The classes have a maximum of 14 students
  • In addition students need to study at home for a further 2-3 hours per day

All students in the school do an internal level test every 5 weeks

This applies as long as you have been regularly attending classes before the test.

learn A1 level German at home - your first step to study in Germany

The Universities insist that foreign applicants need to have a minimum knowledge A1 of German when applying for a place at a German University.

There are significant benefits to students when they have an A1 level:

1. It makes a very good impression at the Visa Interview at the German embassy. It shows the visa officers that a student is really interested in Germany and has already worked hard to prepare for their time in Germany.

2. It gives you a better idea of what you are expected to achieve.

3. It will shorten the time of your language course in Germany.

Our advice is then to find a local course as soon as possible. 

There are various ways to show that a student has done this, for example: 

  1. Confirmation of registration and paid fees for a German Language course in your home country - of at least 100 hours duration.
  2. Copy of an A1 Certificate (from Goethe, TELC, or other language School in your area.)
  3. In some cases the University is happy if students attach a letter confirming that they will do everything possible to reach this level before arrival.  Please note that not every University accepts this. We or your agent can inform you in detail.