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Blocked Account / Sperrkonto

Every student needs to show the German authorities that they can financially support themselves when they are in Germany. This is a precondition to get any visa.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. A person or company resident in Germany - with a reliable income can give a guarantee letter (Verpflichtungserklärung) for you. This they do by going to their local "Ordnungsamt" or "Ausländeramt" and signing this guarantee. The local Government office in Germany will ask them to prove that they have a certain income level in order to support you. By signing this, your sponor is  then fully liable to support you in every respect  until you finsih your studies. The government will ask them to pay for any emergency you may have or deportation from the country if you mis-use your visa for example by working during the language Course.
  2. As many students do not have such a contact person in Germany,  they must open a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto). Into this account you must deposit  EUR 11208 (net of bank transfer costs).   Here are some important things to be aware of for this account:
  • This bank account is opened in your name - it is your money in a German bank account
  • You must show that this account has been opened and filled in advance of your visa application/interview
  • If your visa is refused then you will get a refusal letter from the German Embassy - with this the bank in Germany will return your money from the blocked account to your account at home.
  • When you get to Germany you are only able to withdraw EUR 853 per month - this is your living money - so to say.
  • Once this EUR 11208 has been used up (after 12 months) - you will need to fill it up again to get your visa extended for another 12 months, unless you are in University by then and can show a work contract that gives you Minimum Euro 931 per month.
We recommend the Fintiba company for your Blocked bank account.

Fintiba Bank   This youtube video shows how to use this system.

Fintiba also does such accounts for students who are under 18 years of age when opening an account (the parents open it for the student)

If you have more qestions about this - we will advise you.


Some nationalities are unable to make bank transfers to Germany from abroad.

We operate an escrow account for a limited number of students. Students can deposit money there and when they are in Germany this is transferred to their new German bank account.

Account details:

ISL Sprachschule GmbH & Co. KG 
                 IBAN:            DE02577615910104645700 
                 BIS/SWIFT:  GENODED1BNA 
                 VOLKSBANK RHEINAHREIFEL EG, Rizzastr 34, 56068 Koblenz