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Study in Germany

A great decision for your future!

Why Study in Germany

At present there are over 400.000 foreign students studying in German Universities. There are numerous of reasons why Germany is one of the top countries to study in.  Let´s see some facts, why studying in Germany brings so many advantages

Study in Germany - Some facts

There are many reasons why so many international students study in Germany:

  • German University education is free of charge - there are no University fees in most states
  • Graduates from German Universities are practically guaranteed a job and career in Germany - especially in the Engineering and Business areas.
  • In Germany you will find a safe and friendly country. There is very little crime, especially when you are in smaller cities or the countryside. People from all parts of the world are welcomed.
  • After graduation you have 18 months to find work here (99% of engineers have a full time position in Germany within 6 months of leaving University)
  • Germany welcomes you to stay - 5 years after you have started work you get permanent residence status in Germany.

Germany has no natural resources - so it invests heavily in people - for this reason University education is free!

Some reasons why you should study in Germany

A successful economy

  • Germany is the world‘s second largest exporter
  • Germany‘s economy is number 4 worldwide
  • Germany's high tech sector leads the world in many areas
  • At the end of 2018 there were over 50.000 unfilled positions for engineers and managers - because of this there is huge demand for graduates in these areas


  • German is amongst the 10 most commonly spoken languages
  • Germans are world leaders in engineering
  • 77 nobel prize winners


  • Second most commonly used scientic-language
  • 18% of all books are published in German language only 
  • Gateway to a world class education