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Why Germany

Live and study in Germany

Live and study in Germany

Home to europes biggest high tech, engineering and business centers, Germany is a natural choice for 3rd level education.  University education in Germany is mostly free of charge which attracts students from all over the world - many of whom stay on to work and live in this safe and exciting country.

When you graduate in Germany - after working for 2 years here - you can get permanent residence status!

Germany offers great opportunities

Germany is the third most popular study destination for foreign students worldwide.

  • German universities offer excellent teaching and research opportunities
  • There are great career opportunities directly after finishing University
  • Germany offers graduates a route to permanent residency in 2 years

Explore Germany

Germany offers you a wide variety of attractions and culture:

  • Berlin is the capital city of Germany and famous all over the world
  • Hamburg is the Major port in the north of the country
  • Munich is famous for the "Oktoberfest" and surrounded by a beautiful mountain area
  • In Cologne you can be part of the famous "Karneval", where a big parade with crazy costumed people takes place every year

Studying in Germany offers you a well-rounded opportunity to socialize and explore the amazing cultural diversity the country has to offer!