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Pathway to German University

Various ways - depending on your qualifications

Paths to University in Germany

To enter a German University for a Bachelors program you must have a secondary education level that is equivaltent to a German Abitur (secondary school qualification)

The following are examples of international secondary school qualifications that are equivalent to the German Abitur:

  • A levels (with 3 A levels and 1 AS level),
  • IB - with a minimum of 24 points
  • West African high school certificate and others from around the world

Students with these qualifications have direct acess to German university once they reach a C1 German language level

All other students must bring their secondary school education up to this level by either:

  1. learning German to a B2 level and then doing a foundation year (Studienkolleg) in Germany (duration of 40 weeks) - here the German lanuage is also taught to a C1 level as part of the course
  2. or studying at a university in your home country for 1-2 years and then learning German to a C1 level
  3. Alternatively if you pass the TestAS and the C1 level German exam there are a growing number of Universities that also accept this combination (no Foundation year required).

Students who already have a Bachelors from a recognised University with a certain GPA need to pass the C1 German to gain entry to Masters level programs.

We get all qualified students a conditional Admission from a German Public University with 2-10 weeks of applying to ISL.

This is a guaranteed place at University. The condition is that you either pass the C1 German exam and the Foundation year / Studienkolleg program or the TestAS (this last option only applies to certain Universities).