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Why an english taught program in Germany is perhaps not a great choice


Yes there are a few english taught University courses in Germany. They are designed so that native German students can study in English at a German University as they are interested in working abroad when they graduate. They are not designed for non German students.

Here is why these prorgrams are not suited to international students (in our opinion):

You need to have a B2 German level anyway (the Universities require you to have this) in order to study in an english taught program. So learning to C1 level is only about 10 more weeks of  learning and then you can study in a german taught program.

Learning through english means that you don't learn all the technical terms in the german langauge that you would need to be able to work in Germany.

You are much less attractive to a German employer so your chances of getting a good job in Germany once you graduate are not great.

Both Bachelors and Masters programs in Germany require students to do a thesis paper. This must be surpervised by a person who typically works in a local company. It is almost impossible in many University locations to find someone who can surpervise an english written thesis/paper. It is not uncommon for students to wait 18 months and more before they can start their thesis as they cannot find an english speaking surpervisor. This wastes a lot of time.

There are only a very limited number of course types that are taught in the english language.

Coming to Germany is a choice most students make because they understand that they can build a future in here. Once you graduate you are welcome to stay, work and live in Germany as long as you want. Students who have been in a german taught program have much better job and life prospects in Germany.