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5 reasons to study at a German Public University

5 reasons for Germany University

When it comes to studying abroad, one of the most desired countries for higher education is Germany and for good reason.  In this article, we will explore five reasons why you should opt to study in Germany:

Globally recognized world class degrees

One of the reasons why studying in Germany is such a great option is due to its high quality of University education. The German educational system has maintained a great reputation for excellence that continues to thrive till this day. This make degrees obtained from German Universities wanted by companies around the world because students are exposed toa  balance between theoretical work and practical applications. Needless to say, a degree obtained from a German institution immediately puts a student in the running as one of the best in his/her field.

Educational variety

With over 450 accredited universities and 17.500 degrees offered within the country. You can be assured that Germany provides an educational facility for most courses.

Affordable education programs

The German education system is heavily funded by the government making it relatively cheap compared to alternatives from other countries. This makes it very viable for students looking to get great education on a budget. Germany invests so much in education as it doesn't have any other natural resouces.

International diversity

Germany is very diverse. Over 25% of the population have a foreign background and all Universities reflect this. You will study with people from all over the world here.


Germanies population is ageing and many job openings cannot be filled by Germans. Germany welcomes well qualified foreigners to come and work and live here.